Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wrangler Cowboy Experience

It turned out that I saw some slim fit straight-leg Wranglers on sale at a really low price, compared to what 501s often go for. I thought that I would have to see how skintight they could fit, having seen many young cowboys stuffed into them, and realizing that it might be a new and enjoyable experience to stuff myself into super skintight Wranglers. And they were fairly cheap, so if they ripped out in the process, it would not be a major loss. This is the story of what happened when I got out of my skintight faded 501s and into some skintight straight-leg Wranglers, a move that has paid many dividends since I bought them.

Not knowing the Wrangler sizing quirks, if any, and to be on the safe side, I bought the pair on sale about two inches too small in the waist, just to make sure they would be as skintight as possible when I painted them on. I guessed pretty correct, because when I first tried them on at home after washing them to make them a bit softer, I could barely get them on. But with great effort, I was able to finally button them, and zip them up (without underwear, of course!), and realized how great they felt. Man, they were unbelievably skintight all the way down to the knees, and felt incredibly good hugging my ass and my bulging crotch. Just putting them on would get me hard, and to break them in a bit, blew my hot creamy load in them several times, which was a great experience. These Wranglers seemed to be made of tougher denim than contemporary Levis 501s, and I felt they could be worn more skintight without fear of ripping them out. On thing I really like about these skintight jeans is that big beautiful outside seam all the way down the outside of the leg. When I see it really worn and faded on cowboys in skintight faded Wranglers, I get turned on by that. That, and the patch pockets with a wallet stuffed into one, and the prominent butt seam really bring out the most in a skintight Wranglers cowboy. Hey, maybe I’ve been missing something all these years!

I wore my skintight Wranglers when I rode my enduro motorcycle so they’d start to fade, especially in the seat with all that friction on the motorcycle seat. And I have to admit that sinking my super skintight Wranglers into my motorcycle seat and riding my bike out on dirt roads while sporting my skintight Wranglers makes and keeps me very horny! I’ve had the outside leg seam on skintight 501s rip out before, and so I really appreciated that that is quite unlikely with these skintight jeans and that heavily sewn seam down the outside leg. It’s almost as if the Wranglers are DESIGNED to be worn super skintight–that that’s how they were intended to be worn, and that thought alone is arousing to me.

Chance Meeting of Ben, the Cowboy

Check out that sexy tortured outside seam! Very nice! One mild summer evening I was out riding my enduro motorcycle out on a dirt farm road, with my painted-on Wranglers keeping me hard and horny all the way. In the distance I made out a person walking on the side of the road. I had no idea why he would be out walking unless maybe he lived nearby or was heading to a field to do some farming. After all, this was a dirt and gravel road that really didn’t go between any major intersections. Getting closer, I could make out that it was a guy walking, and he had a cowboy hat, and a nice shirt that was tucked neatly into an incredibly arousing pair of skintight faded Wranglers. He also had on some brown leather cowboy boots as well. Approaching from behind where he was walking, I could see that he looked fairly young. I had to check him out. I slowed my bike down and pulled up next to him, and lifted the shield of my helmet so I could talk to him.

“Are you lost?” I asked, not being able to think of a better intro line to use. After all, I was sort of choked up by how well he filled out his faded skintight Wranglers at the time. He turned to me, and I could see he was maybe about 20 or so, with very good-looking features, and an all-American image that was very sexy. I micro-glanced down enough to notice the bulge in the front of his skintight faded jeans, but didn’t want him to see me staring at his package.

“Naw, I’m just out for a walk,” he replied with a midwestern accent that was a cross between urban sophistication and rural honesty. He had a great smile, and his eyes were incredibly attractive blue ponds of deepness into his soul I thought to myself as I killed my engine to see if he’d be interested in further conversation. I sure hoped so! On the surface at least, he was the kind of guy that a skintight faded jeans lover would love to be around for just friendship or maybe more. It was by no accident that he was wearing skintight faded Wranglers I thought to myself.

“Nice bike,” he nodded approvingly as he looked it over, and very possibly was checking out my skintight jeans as well. I took off my helmet.

“Yeah, I love to ride it, especially out in the country.”

“I’ve got a four-wheeler myself, which is a blast to ride as well,” he admitted.

“You live around here?” I asked realizing that had to be the stupidiest question I would probably ask all day long!

“Yeah, just up the road a ways.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, my name’s Dave,” I injected.

“You almost forgot your name is Dave?” he laughed. A good-looking young skintight faded jeans guy with a great sense of humor. Who could ask more?

“I’m Ben.”

Ok, now for the one-two punch.

“Hey, I’d like to check out your four-wheeler if that’s ok with you Ben. I love those things. Why don’t you hop on and I’ll give you a ride back to your place–if that’s ok with you.” I knew I was coming on pretty strong, but “what the hell” I thought to myself.

Ben thought about it for a moment. “Ok, what the heck, sure.”

I moved forward in the big soft seat so Ben could mount the bike behind me. He’s about 6 feet, so had little problem mounting the bike and planting himself behind me. I looked down and saw his faded skintight denim-covered legs next to mine, and felt his crotch press against my ass as he positioned himself behind me. I was getting even harder just thinking about this guy pressed so close up against me, skintight denim to skintight denim. I felt that both of us guys wearing skintight Wranglers immediately gave the both of us a lot in common, and created an immediate bond, almost like we were both cowboys bonding together in our skintight Wranglers. He was one guy who I would not mind feeling his skintight jeans all over!

We headed down the road, and Ben put his left hand on my left shoulder to maintain his balance. That felt great. We rode for a couple of miles down that dirt road, and a couple of times along the way Ben shouted to me, “Dave, this is great!” I didn’t really know if he was talking about the ride on the motorcycle or being with another skintight Wranglers buddy, but I really didn’t care, either would be good.

“Hey, Dave, you wanna see this pond I often go swimming in?”

“Yeah, sure, Ben.” I was getting excited, because we were both starting to connect. Even if we never got past just enjoying looking at each other’s skintight Wranglers, just being around Ben was reward enough in itself. Even if nothing happened between us, it gave me great pleasure to know that I would definitely cream my skintight jeans later just picturing Ben in his faded skintight Wranglers on my bike with me, up tight against my skintight jeans. I wished I could tell him that, but of course could not at this time, at least.

He directed me off the dirt road to a dirt path for about a couple hundred yards that led to a small pond surrounded by trees. It was really nice there, quiet, serene, and in the cooling evening sky was no doubt a relaxing place to retreat to. We stopped next to the pond, and I planted my feet on the ground to stabilize the bike, and took off my helmet.

“Why were you out walking by yourself, Ben? Is it for exercise?”

“Naw, not really. Sometimes I just get really uptight and that’s what I do to relax.”


“Uh, yeah, you know . . . uptight, uh, I guess you could even say horny too–”

He stopped abruptly as if he was thinking he was revealing too much. After all, we had just met less than a half-hour ago.

“Man, Ben, if walking solved horniness, buddy, I’d be a marathon runner!” We both laughed.

“So you’re horny too?”

“Hell, yes, man, all the time!”

“So tell me Dave, what do you do about it?”

“You really want to know, Ben?” I didn’t want to progress our conversation so fast as to gross out the cute cowboy.

“Yeah, maybe I could learn something from you.”

I hesitated. Should I give Ben some BS line and change the subject, hoping to not gross him out, or should I go for the gold, take the risk, and make it an all or nothing prospect? I decided to go for it. The most he could do is hate me or ignore me, or desire to not be a friend. On the other hand, we could find out if we had some things in common.

I took a deep breath. “Well, Ben, I often blow my load in my skintight jeans.” Well, there, it was said. Those words could not be taken back, and I would have to play the hand I was dealt by Ben, whether he was grossed out, or not.

To my great relief, Ben broke into a big grin.

“Cool! You too?” I practically fell off my motorcycle when he said that! I was starting to get even hornier, if that is remotely possible!

“You do it alone?” Ben was definitely getting bolder in his curiosity about how I got my rocks off.

“Well, since I don’t have a jackoff buddy, I guess that means ‘yes.’”

“Dave,” Ben said softly, “you want to be my jackoff buddy?”

“That’d be great, Ben.” Man, I was getting so hard on I thought my bulging cock was going to rupture my skintight Wranglers.

”Now, Dave, I just want you to know that I haven’t shot my load in several weeks, so I should be really easy to cum.” I was so aroused at the thought of jacking off this young, virile yet innocent cowboy type guy in his skintight faded Wranglers who had not cum in several weeks that I was almost shaking with delight. This young, good looking potent cowboy in skintight faded Wranglers was going to trust me to pump him until he blew his hot creamy load in his tortured skintight jeans. Wow! Was I dreaming or was this really happening? If this was a dream, I was hoping I would not wake up anytime soon!

We both got off the bike, and with some hesitation and nervousness, we embraced each other. Ben took off his hat and put it on the seat of my bike. Then our skintight Wranglers met, crotch to crotch, feeling the other guy’s bulging cock so tightly against each other. With arms tightly around each other, we held each other and felt our tortured skintight Wranglers rubbing against the other guy’s. I could clearly feel Ben’s hard on growing bigger and bigger by the second. I reached down and around Ben to feel his skintight-Wrangler-covered butt, and the feel of those tortured seams, his bulging wallet, and that leather Wrangler patch on his patch pocket was incredibly arousing.

I started rubbing Ben’s incredibly hard cock buried beneath his faded skintight Wranglers, and it grew rock-solid and was clearly outlined in his soft, faded, yet skintight jeans. Ben must have been horny, because he was breathing very hard, and after stroking his hard meat for about a minute or so, he let out a moan. He started pumping his hot creamy load into his tortured skintight jeans. After a few moments, I felt the huge cum stain coming through his skintight Wranglers staining and wetting the faded skintight denim. I rubbed the hot creamy cum that was pouring through his skintight jeans all over his supertight ass and other tortured skintight parts of his Wranglers.

Ben then regained his composure, whispered a heartfelt “Oh, that was so fine, I needed that, buddy, thank you Dave” into my ear, kissed me on the cheek, and started to work on me. In a like manner, Ben stroked my hard cock buried in my skintight jeans, feeling the rock-hard cock, and my tight ass so tightly gripped by my skintight Wranglers that were painted on. After Ben was stroking me for a short while, I pumped a huge hot creamy load into my skintight jeans as well. Oh, man, it felt so incredible to have a guy like Ben pump my load in my skintight Wranglers! There are simply no words to adequately describe it! Ben made sure it got all over his hands, and then rubbed it all over his skintight Wranglers, mixing my hot creamy cum with his all over his faded skintight Wranglers. Watching him rub my hot creamy cum all over his skintight faded jeans made me feel really bonded with this young cowboy.

We relished the moment, hugged one another, and rubbed our cum-covered hands all over our buddy’s tight skintight-covered ass and crotch. We got on the bike and prepared to head out.

"Thanks, Ben, for that incredible experience!”

“Hey, buddy, the pleasure was nearly almost all mine,” he shot back with a grin. “You want to do this again sometime?” Man, I thought he’d never ask!

“Yeah, buddy, I’d love to have you as my jackoff buddy. How ’bout if I come over tomorrow and you show me that four-wheeler you got?”

“Sure. We can have some fun on that as well.” Oh yeah, fun it would be!

I took Ben back to his farmhouse and let him off, and we exchanged phone numbers. We agreed to meet again tomorrow, and check out his four-wheeler. Somehow, I felt that that would end up being an interesting experience as well.

“I’m really glad we met,” Ben admitted.

“Yeah, buddy, me too!”

As I headed back home as dusk approached, I thought how nice it was to have worn my skintight Wranglers this time out on my bike, and how nice they felt now, still skintight and covered in Ben’s and my hot creamy cum, which was starting to dry a bit.

I grinned as I thought about what adventures may await me and my new-found jackoff buddy. A buddy who by whatever twist of fate or circumstance, happens to love wearing skintight faded Wranglers, and loves to be around other guys in them as well. Even more than that, he loves to shoot his hot creamy load in them, and do the same for his jackoff buddy! You cannot ask much more than that!


I was really excited. Ben, whom I had met a few days ago, had called and wanted me to come (make that cum, I guess!) over and check out his four-wheeler. Of course both of us knew we’d be checking out a lot more than just his four-wheeler! There would be some serious skintight faded Wranglers action, culminating in both of us hopefully cumming hard for each other — at least that’s what I was hoping would happen!

It was another mild summer evening, not too hot, when I headed out to Ben’s place. In the few days since our first very exciting encounter, I had worn my skintight Wranglers as much as possible, and washed them a couple of times in hottest water to help them begin to naturally fade, and soften up a bit. I think I was successful, for tonight, they were not only super skintight, but they were softer and more faded than the other night, which really aroused me, and hoped that Ben would like them as well.

Got on my enduro motorcycle, and headed out. Man, I was getting hard already just wearing those skintight and now partly faded Wranglers. Getting on my motorcycle in those tortured skintight jeans and looking down at my skintight legs with that big outside seam was turning me on. I knew that Ben would agree. Still hard under my skintight jeans, I headed out to Ben’s place.

When I pulled up to Ben’s farm (or more correctly, his parents’ farm), he was outside sitting on the porch, and greeted me as I approached the house. Damn, I swear that Ben was in even more skintight faded Wranglers than the time before it seemed to me. In any case, he was really hot in them, and I could see the nice bulge in his crotch just waiting for my willing hand to stroke it until it shot its hot creamy load before long, hopefully!

“Hi, Ben.”

“Hey, Dave, thanks for coming back tonight. I think you’ll like my four-wheeler.”

“Sure, let’s check it out! Where is it?”

“Its in the pole barn over there.” Ben pointed to an out building about a couple of hundred yards away.

“Hey, Ben, VERY nice Wranglers, but damn, buddy, they’re too loose on you!”

Ben laughed. “Hell, Dave, these are my most skintight faded jeans–I’ve had these for years, and I can barely breathe in them! I knew you would want me in my most skintight faded Wranglers, so I did my best to please you.”

“I’m NOT disappointed, buddy!” He was right, they WERE insanely skintight and faded, and I thought they could burst out if he just so much as bent over. His bulge was starting to grow bigger, so I guess he was glad to see me as well.

“You’ve been working on your Wranglers, haven’t you,” he commented and smiled as he ran his hand up and down my leg, feeling the skintight denim and the outside seam.

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to be the only one of the two of us to be in skintight faded Wranglers! Hop on, Ben, let’s go check out your toy!” Ben looked a me and than laughed. “I mean your four-wheeler, you horny stud!” We both laughed at the implication. I straddled my enduro motorcycle to brace it for Ben to climb aboard for us to ride over to the barn. Damn, he sure looked hot in those skintight faded Wranglers! He swung one leg over the bike, and placed his tight ass right in the middle of the soft seat, and his skintight faded Wranglers were rubbing against my skintight jeans; I could look down and see his skintight-covered legs up next to mine, only his were more faded, and his outside seam was more worn and rugged. I fired up the engine, and we headed over to the building where the four-wheeler was kept. It also held an array of other farm equipment as well. We got off my bike, and I took off my helmet. Ben had a really nice four-wheeler, with huge balloon tires, a big seat that looks like it would hold about 10 people, and a rack in back for taking stuff along.

“Very nice toy,” I told Ben as I checked it out, walking around it. Ben was beaming.

“Well, Dave, let’s check it out!”

Ben got on the four-wheeler and sank his faded skintight Wranglers into the soft overstuffed seat. Seeing his outside leg seam so worn and bulging really made him look hot on that toy. He nodded for me to climb on, and I could barely lift up my leg to swing it over the back my Wranglers were so skintight. But I managed to get on, and Ben started the engine, and we took off. This was a nice twist, for a change. I was now riding behind Ben, my skintight Wranglers up tight against his tight ass in his skintight faded jeans. He looked so hot and horny sitting so close, and his virility was quite arousing and making me even hornier. I kissed him on the neck, and the smell of his skin and cologne was almost hypnotic.

We headed out to some grassy fields where Ben told me about their place as we went along. When Ben went over some small rocks, the four-wheeler bounced around a bit, and I grabbed a hold of Ben around his chest and held on tightly. When we had gotten back onto less rocky ground, my hands slid down his chest and rested on his skintight faded denim-covered legs. Damn, his skintight denim felt so soft, yet tough, and I felt that outside seam that I liked so much. I could tell Ben was liking it, and then put my hands down to feel his rock-hard skintight denim crotch area with his hard hot meat buried within. I rubbed his hardon, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

“Mmmmmmmm, Dave, that feels great!”

“Yeah, Ben, for me too!”

We rode around like that for about five more minutes, and then Ben stopped the four-wheeler. “Damn, Dave, you’ve gone and made me so horny, that now I need you to help me shoot my hot load in my skintight jeans.”

Those words were music to my ears. “Sure, buddy, anything for my skintight faded Wranglers buddy!” We both got off the four-wheeler, and Ben stood next to it in all his skintight faded jeans glory. Damn, that bulge was huge in his skintight jeans, and I could not wait to help him do something about it.

I had a thought. “Ben, is it ok if I treat you like a cow?”

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

“Well, buddy, if you were a cow, I’d love to milk you!” Ben got a really wide grin at that thought.

“Sure, Dave, I want you to milk me for all I’m good for. Milk me until I pump my huge load of hot creamy delicious cum into my skintight jeans. Milk me until there ain’t any more hot manjuice for you to milk outta me!” Man, all that talk about “milking” him in his skintight Wranglers was getting me really horny as well.

So I started milking my buddy for all he was good for. “I’m going to milk you, you skintight jeans stud, and I want you to cum hard and hot in your skintight faded jeans, and pump every ounce of your hot creamy cum into them.” Ben was really getting off on that. I was rubbing his hard cock buried so tightly in his skintight jeans, and feeling his super-tight ass crammed into the skintight Wranglers. He was feeling no pain at the moment, I knew that! Finally, after telling him how I was going to milk him for every ounce of his hot manjuice, and feeling and repeatedly stroking his huge hardon trying to burst through his skintight faded jeans, he blew his hot creamy load into his skintight faded Wranglers.

Ben started breathing hard and heavy. Pump, pump, pump, man, he was pumping what seemed like gallons of hot creamy cum into his tortured skintight jeans. It immediately started seeping through the tortured denim, and seeing that huge wet creamy cum spot grow on the front of his skintight jeans was so arousing for me. I reached down and was rubbing his wet spot soaked with hot creamy cum, and then rubbing that hot manjuice all over his skintight jeans, and my own. I wanted to have a lot of this manly stud’s hot creamy cum on my skintight jeans as well as his own.

Finally, Ben caught his breath again, and was totally enjoying the pleasure that I had just helped him experience while pumping his skintight jeans full of his hot creamy manjuice.

“Ok, Dave, now let me milk you like you did me.” Oh crap, I knew this was going to be a fun ride!

Ben started feeling my hard cock, and reaching around and feeling my tight ass so tightly filling in my skintight semi-faded Wranglers. Feeling this young stud’s hands all over my skintight jeans, the front, and the back, was making me very hot and horny. I knew that I wanted to shoot a load of hot manjuice as large as Ben did if I could. Ben got down on his knees and started kissing my skintight Wranglers, first on the back patch pocket seams, the butt seam, and then around in front, where he was kissing and licking my now rock-hard cock trying to burst through my tortured jeans. Feeling him kiss and lick my hardon was making it even harder. “I’m going to milk you, you hot stud,” Ben was telling me in between kisses and licking.

He started concentrating on my bulging cock buried beneath my skintight jeans. He started rubbing it, softly at first, and then harder and harder, and it kept growing harder and harder with each stroke of his virile hand. Finally, after feeling me off there for about a minute, I pumped a huge load of hot creamy cum into my skintight Wranglers, and just like me, Ben felt my hot manjuice seeping through my skintight jeans and onto his hands, and was rubbing that juice all over his skintight Wranglers and mine as well, especially all over the ass part. Both of us had been “milked” of our hot creamy loads, and felt really bonded with one another, just like last time. Two skintight faded Wrangler jackoff buddies being as one, bonding as a single unit, totally immersed in the erotic look and feel of the skintight denim on ourselves and our jackoff buddy.

We both got our breath, and thanked each other for helping us lose our hot creamy load of cum in our skintight jeans. We hopped back on the four-wheeler, and headed back toward the pole barn. I felt a certain closeness to Ben that is impossible to explain if you haven’t been there. Two guys, seriously into skintight faded Wrangler jeans, enjoying pumping the other guy in his skintight jeans until he cums hard and pumps his hot creamy load in his tortured faded denim–now that’s a bonding experience I can really relate to.

“Ben, how are you going to go into the house with that huge stain of hot creamy manjuice all over your tight jeans?”

“I’ll just have to be creative I guess.” Ben pulled out his shirt, which until now had been neatly tucked into his skintight jeans. The shirt pretty much covered the huge cum stain on the front of his tortured Wranglers.

“That looks pretty good, I think that will work,” I encouraged him. After all, I did not want him to get into any trouble or we might not be able to further bond any more in our faded painted-on Wranglers. “I’ll call you and we can get together again soon, ok?”

“Yeah, sure, Dave. I loved it! You are one hell of a jackoff buddy, you know that?”

“Aw shucks,” I replied as I put on my helmet and approached my bike. “Comon, I’ll give you a ride back.”

"Thanks, Dave, but I’ll walk back up. The feel of all the hot manjuice in my jeans when I walk is great. And with every step I take, it’s like someone massaging my hard cock. Plus, I want some of the hot creamy cum to dry up a bit before I head back into the house.”

“Ok, buddy. I’ll call you or you call me and we’ll get together again soon, ok?”

“Not soon enough for me,” Ben laughed. “But guess I’ll just have to live with that, huh?”

As I headed back out of his place and onto the dirt road, I thought once again how fortunate I was to have a jackoff buddy like Ben, and how much I loved him. Yeah, we were using each other to get off our rocks in our skintight Wranglers, but there was starting to develop a real caring and love, something that went beyond the tortured skintight faded Wranglers each of us wore and loved so much and us “milking” each other until we unloaded our hot creamy loads of manjuice into our skintight faded jeans. I could not wait until we got together again! Until then, I’d have to keep working on getting my Wranglers as faded, yet as skintight, as Ben’s were. I knew that would arouse him even more. This was one task that I was going to enjoy.

I was hard all the way home thinking about my jackoff buddy, what had happened, and what I looked forward to our jackoff sessions in the future. I knew that until Ben and I met up again, I’d be pumping a lot of hot creamy cum into my skintight Wranglers, thinking about my buddy and what he and I would do if he were there with me.

As I headed back home as dusk approached, I once again thought how nice it was to have worn my skintight Wranglers to visit my new jackoff buddy on my bike, and how nice they felt now, still skintight and covered in Ben’s and my hot creamy cum, just like the first time. I beamed as I thought about what adventures may await Ben and I in the future. It is great to have a buddy who loves wearing skintight faded Wranglers, and loves to be around other guys in them as well. And the best part is that he loves to shoot his hot creamy load in them, and do the same for me!


  1. Sexy stories. Wish there was more activity on this blog.

  2. I LOVE skintight jeans on guys, love your stories..

  3. I wear sintight jeans and chaps and five inch high heeled cowboy boots and I love stories especially about guys who get whipped to make them cum.

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